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What does it mean if a review is locked?

When a review is “Locked” it can no longer be edited or deleted by the user. A review that is locked will show a lock icon underneath it on our website along with a message indicating that the review has been locked.

Automatic Lock

We automatically lock all reviews thirty days after they are submitted to our website. We do this to ensure that accurate reviews are being left and that reviews are not being modified months down the road. The Automatic Lock will be applied after thirty days regardless if a tenant edits their review during that period, as the thirty-day countdown is NOT reset when a review is edited.

User Lock

A tenant leaving a review on our website can choose to lock their own review without waiting for the thirty-day auto-lock period to expire. When this option is selected the review will be locked one hour after submission. During this one-hour period a tenant can edit their review to add additional information, correct errors and typos, etc. Editing a review during this time will reset the one-hour countdown before the review is locked.

A tenant may choose to lock their review for any number of reasons, and including this option was based on feedback from our users.

One of the things we’ve heard from tenants is that they don’t want to feel pressured by their landlords to change or remove a review on our website. The User Lock option is a tool that tenants can use to help avoid these issues. Once a review is locked it can no longer be edited or deleted, and the review is clearly labelled as being locked on our website. There’s no point in pressuring someone to do something they can’t do, and the lock icon beside a review is a clear indication that a tenant can no longer make any changes to that review.

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What is a Trusted Review?

Tenants leaving a review on our website can choose to take part in our Trusted Review program. As part of this program the tenant must provide reasonable assurances that they have lived at the address they are leaving a review for.

Trusted Reviews are given more weight when determining the rating of a landlord and are highlighted on our website. Trusted Reviews may instill more confidence in website visitors, since they know that the tenant has lived at the address being reviewed.

Tenant Verification

Since we place more trust in Trusted Reviews it is important that we make sure people have lived at that address, so we require tenants to verify this information through the tenant verification process.

Tenants may upload documents such as rental agreements, utility bills, and credit card statements (with account numbers and other details blacked out – we just need to see the name and address) as part of the process to confirm their information. Once the information has been verified, we delete the documents from our system and mark that account as “Trusted” for that address.

More information is available on our Trusted Review Program page.

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